Digital Eye Testing

Do you:

  1. Get headaches when reading or looking at your computer
  2. Experience double vision
  3. Confuse colours
  4. Fail your vision test when renewing your driver's license
  5. Have trouble reading, even with reading glasses on
  6. Trip over steps or gutters on a regular basis
  7. Bump into objects on one side
  8. Experience glare
  9. Find it hard to see at night

To keep your eyes healthy, you must check your eye-sight from an Optometrist. We do recommend that you visit an optometrist after every six months. No matter if you feel that your eyes are in good shape.
There are many things to be kept in mind about your eyes that you can’t see. If you’ve had difficulties in the vision of your eyes, then it would be good to see you on a more frequent basis.We have a fully equipped eye clinic with state of art facilities and a modern infrastructure.

Our Optometrists are well Qualified and Trained.We uses very quick and simple method of evaluating the refractive error for subtle and progressive changes. The system allows us to perform accurate and precise eye glass Prescriptions in very short time.