Contact lenses

Contact lenses are the most convenient wear that helps to provide perfect vision to your eyes. While you are playing sports or simply going out for the evening, you won’t need to worry about damaging or losing your glasses. Wearing sunglasses won’t involve swapping to your prescription sunglasses and the glare while driving at night becomes a thing of the past. Let us help you discover the freedom and benefits of wearing contact lenses. We provide all the major brands and branded lenses from the daily disposable and monthlies to toric, multifocal and extended wear lenses. On the whole, we advises you to wear the best contact lenses for your needs, always at competitive prices.

Why contact lenses?
Whether you desire to have a new look, the freedom to be more active or if you want all round vision with no restriction, contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses. They will affect how you see and how other people see you. We have a range of contact lenses in store. There is no better place to try the contact lenses than at Bababoy. We are here to help make wearing contact lenses simple and easy at all times.

This handy tool will help you find out what types of contact lenses are right for you and the benefits which they can bring.
Contact lenses comprise of:
  1. Daily contact lenses
  2. Monthly contact lenses
  3. Yearly contact lenses