Computer Vision Eye care
In this modern technological world, people use computers, laptops, ipods, and notepads in an extended way. Whether in the field of education, work, communicating with friends or just checking the internet, it requires your eyes to maintain focus and converge closely for long periods without a rest which could leads to vision symptoms as follows:
  1. Difficulty changing focus away from the screen, or even driving home after work
  2. Blurred vision on the screen or across the room
  3. Occasional doubling or ghosting of vision on the screen
  4. Sore and tired eyes
  5. Headaches
  6. Neck and shoulder pain
  7. Dry, gritty or watering eyes

Over 75% of computer user report these symptoms, so we recommend specifically designed computer lenses for computer vision because staring at a computer screen for long periods requires increasing effort to maintain clear focus, which can

gradually lead to increasing focusing problems that interfere with your ability to easily and comfortably use your eyes for reading and computers. We Advice you to visit your optometrist every 3 Months if you are an active computer user.